Quash Your Double Chin with KYBELLA


Have you made an active effort to get rid of your double chin? Some individuals are able to accomplish this goal by losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle. When they become healthier and lose a few pounds, their entire face and neck become slim. Unfortunately, things do not always work out that well for others. No matter how thin their body becomes, they cannot get rid of their double chin. If this describes your situation, KYBELLA® can quash your double chin after just a treatment or two.

A Non-Surgical Way to Get Rid of Your Double Chin

One of the questions that people ask as soon as they hear about KYBELLA® is if it is surgical. Lots of people know that liposuction can remove fat in almost all areas of the body, including under the chin. However, there are a variety of reasons why people do not want to have a surgical procedure performed under their chin. The great news is that KYBELLA® does not require any type of surgery.

KYBELLA® is a liquid solution that is gently injected directly into the fat under the chin. Several injections are needed during a session. Only a tiny amount of the product is used with each injection.

Since fat is not physically removed from the body with this treatment, you may be wondering how it can get rid of a double chin. The solution actually damages the fat cells it comes into contact with. The treatment relies on the body to get rid of those damaged fat cells in a natural way. The result is that in the months that follow the treatment, the body will flush away those damaged fat cells and then leave a person with less submental fat.

Do You Qualify for Woburn Kybella Treatment?

This is a safe treatment that has been approved by the FDA. In addition to being used in the United States, the solution is used in other countries as well. Even though it is extremely safe to use, a person does need to go through a short medical consultation in order to have the treatment performed. When you visit us for the first time, you will meet with one of our medical professionals who will assess your overall health and examine your double chin.

You are warmly invited to learn more about KYBELLA® by visiting Novo Sano MedSpa in Woburn and Rowley. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!