Improve Your Appearance with Fillers

Fillers have increased in popularity over the last decade as they can effectively smooth wrinkles and reduce the appearance of fine lines. When correctly inserted, fillers won’t make you look fake but will help to enhance your appearance. Fillers can add volume where it’s been naturally lost during the aging process and can be used on the cheeks, under your eyes or on your lips or chin.

If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you may consider a medical spa near you for more information about fillers. 

Benefits of Fillers

Fillers, also known as dermal fillers, help to reduce the signs of aging. As we age, our skin often becomes duller and loses its elasticity. Many other changes in appearance occur due to the aging process. You may notice frown lines around your mouth, that your lips are becoming thinner or that you have wrinkles around your eyes.

Injectable fillers can help to improve lost volume and increase the elasticity of the skin. Filler can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagginess. It can also help remove lines from under and around the eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes that cause a fatigued appearance.

Modern-day, hyaluronic acid fillers come in a variety of thicknesses and are used for different purposes. They can be used to fill in different areas of the face and come with minimal risks. Hyaluronic acid can be used to treat problems such as facial nerve injury, infection, blood vessel issues, and numbness.

Dermal fillers create subtle looking results. You may even be surprised to find that your friends and family members won’t even notice that you’ve had an injectable treatment unless you tell them. After having a procedure, your skin will look and feel natural, and the results will be long-lasting.

Dermal filler can help to sculpt and add volume to your face, lips, and neck. The treatment has allowed many patients to improve their self-esteem and confidence, allowing them to feel happier about aging. It can also be used to remove unwanted scars.

Which Areas Can Be Targeted with Fillers?

Injectable fillers can help smooth out wrinkles by adding volume to revive your features and improve your appearance. You may be surprised by some of the body parts that are commonly treated using dermal fillers.

Bags under the eyes

Many people believe that a lack of sleep causes shadows under the eyes. However, this isn’t the case; they are often due to bone structure and are unlikely to go away by themselves, even if you get plenty of sleep.

Having a filler injected underneath the eyes reduces the appearance of dark circles and bags. Filler can also reduce wrinkles and add volume. This helps to reduce the shadow effect and will improve your appearance.


Dermal fillers are commonly used to treat earlobes, which tend to sag or become elongated with age. It’s most common for women who have worn heavy earrings all their lives to have sagging earlobes as they age. This can look unattractive and will also reveal your real age, even if the rest of your face looks youthful.

One way of accurately guessing a person’s age is to look at the back of their hands. As we age, our hands start to look older due to the natural displacement of fat. If you feel that your hands look old and are letting you down, an injectable filler may help.

Injecting a filler that contains calcium spheres helps new collagen to form on the back of the hands. In time the filler will metabolize and encourage protein to develop.

Plumps Your Lips

Injectable fillers can be used for the lips in two different ways. It can be injected into the skin surrounding the lips to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Many people have frown lines surrounding their mouths, which will become more visible with age. Fillers can help to smooth out any lines and create a more youthful appearance.

Lip filler can also be used to create more volume in the lips. A cosmetic surgeon can inject hyaluronic acid into your lips to add volume and structure to your lips. This will result in lips that have a plumper, more hydrated appearance. Lip fillers can be injected into either your top or bottom lip, depending on the desired results.

Fill hollow temples

Woburn cosmetic doctors use either poly-lactic acid or hyaluronic acid fillers to reduce the appearance of hollow temples, such as with PRP Fillers. Poly-lactic fillers help to encourage the growth of collagen but may require multiple treatments. It’s a gradual process that creates long-lasting results.

Reduce Neck Lines 

One area of the body that commonly becomes wrinkled due to age is the neck. Some people have horizontal rings around their necks even when they are young and healthy. Kybella can be injected into the neck to correct this.

Chin Augmentation

It’s essential to have a well-defined chin, especially for a man. Many people use fillers and other cosmetic procedures to improve their appearance and get a defined chin. In the past, chin augmentations were achieved by using implants. These types of treatments didn’t always work.

Modern dermal fillers are a better solution as they are much more customizable and can be modified to suit the patient’s facial features, ethnicity, and personal requirements. A rounded appearance can be achieved with a filler or a heart-shaped look, depending on the patient’s preferences.

Reduces acne scars

Many people suffer from acne during their teenage years and are left with scars or blemishes on their faces. These types of scars are commonly treated with chemical or laser peels. However, they are more commonly being treated with fillers nowadays as these can get rid of the scars.

Dermal fillers can be injected into the face to fill the space behind the scar. This type of treatment encourages the body to produce collagen, which fills in the scars. Most patients need a few treatments to get rid of their scars, and the results are often life-changing. Using fillers to reduce or eliminate acne scars helps to improve patient’s self-esteem and confidence.

How Long is Recovery Time after Fillers?

There's a reason so many patients opt for minimally invasive treatments; they offer fast results and very little downtime. If you get Botox, you might see small pink dots immediately after treatment, but they should go away within 10 to 15 minutes. You might see minor bruising in certain instances, but it fades in five to seven days.

Filler does cause swelling and bruising, but it lasts no more than a few days (and can even go away within hours, although you probably shouldn't make any plans day-of). Sensitive tissues will probably swell more—your lips, for instance. If swelling doesn't go away within a few days, you should call your doctor. 

Kybella has the longest recovery time—anywhere from three to 21 days of swelling.

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