Subtly Sculpt Your Figure with CoolSculpting

When you suck on a popsicle, your cheeks get cold and begin to dimple. That's the idea behind the CoolSculpting® treatment. Draining the heat energy out of fat cells causes them to degrade, and the fat then gets swept out of the body along with other waste. This isn't a weight loss program, and it won't help you get rid of cellulite or large rolls of fat, but it certainly can help you achieve more desirable body contours. 

This treatment works to remove excess pockets of fat from the arms, legs, torso, and belly. It works best for those who have no more than 20 percent excess fat. This additional fat can really creep up on you over a period of several years, but it can be safely eliminated via CoolSculpting®. 

Freezing Away Fat

Fat is very sensitive to cold. When the heat energy is lost, the fat cells are literally killed because their surfaces burst. Adjacent tissues must be protected, of course, and this is the key to CoolSculpting®.

An instrument that looks like an oversized flat hair iron is used for the procedure. A protective pad is placed on the skin surface, and the paddle instrument is placed on the pad. A suction effect lifts the pad and the underlying skin and fat cells into the paddle itself. The paddle temperature is controlled via a monitor.

The cooling effect of the paddle doesn't affect the skin cells at all, but the underlying fat gets the full blast. After a certain amount of time, the fat cells begin to drain away into the lymphatic system and are eventually flushed from the body along with other waste. 

The client need not worry about fat redistribution because the cells are damaged or dead. The fat will therefore not get transported to another area of the body. The result of all this is tighter skin and a more pleasing, natural contour in the treated area.

Good Candidates for CoolSculpting®

The ideal candidate will have no serious medical conditions and will have realistic outcome expectations. As stated, this is not a treatment for weight gain. It merely removes some of the stubborn fat deposits that exist just below the skin surface. Candidates should be prepared to have this procedure performed two or three times over the course of about six months in order to realize the body contours they desire. 

Better Contours and Higher Self-Esteem

You look at the picture of the bathing suit and immediately think about unwanted fat deposits. Now is the time to do something about this. Talk to us about CoolSculpting® and learn what it can do for your overall figure at Novo Sano in Woburn or Rowley. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!